3550EL1005C Dryer Filter Guide Cover


LG Part Number 3550EL1005C Dryer Filter Guide Cover


Find #3550EL1005C Dryer Filter Guide Cover that fits these models DLE7200VE, DLGY1902KE, DLEX7600VE, DLGX7601WE, DLGY1902WE, DLEX7600KE, DLG7201WE, DLEY1901KE, DLGX7601KE, DLEX7600WE, DLEY1901WE, DLG7201VE, DLEX7600ME, DLE7200WE, DLG1502W, DLGX7801VE, DLE7300WE, DLG7101W, DLE7100W, DLG4971WE, 71463, 61463, DLEX7880WE, DLGX7881WE, DLEX7800WE, DLE7060WE, DLE1101W, DLGX5171V, DLG5002W, 69478, DLEX7800VE, DLE4870W, DLE5070W, 61422, DLEX7900BE, 61452, 61553, DLEY1201W, 61462, DLG4871W, 71552, DLGX6002V, DLG7061WE, DLEX5680VE, 71433, DLGX7601VE, 61623, DLE7300VE, DLE1501W, 71623,

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 2 in


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