3949247-G Washer lid switch for Whirlpool

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Manufacturer Part Number 3949247-G Washer lid switch for Whirlpool.

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3949247-G Washer lid switch replaces Whirlpool  FSP  p/n  3949247, 3949247v

Common lid switch for Whirlpool made direct drive washers Whirlpool, Kenmore, Estate, Roper,Inglis, Crosley

3949247 Washer lid switch for Whirlpool,

The pin on the lid pushes on the lever of the lid switch to tell the machine that the lid is closed

  1. Unplug washer.
  2. Remove screws at control panel end caps.
  3. Flip control panel back to expose wiring.
  4. Detach lid switch wiring harness from control panel.
  5. Use screwdriver to pry the 2 brass clips holding the back panel of the washer to the front and sides piece.
  6. Tilt the front/sides piece over to expose lid switch.
  7. Use nutdriver to detach ground wire.
  8. Use screwdriver to remove 2 screws holding lid switch in place.
  9. Install new lid switch. Make sure wiring harness piece is facing the right direction.
  10. Put washer back together in same order it was disassembled. Make sure front/sides piece connects to the clips at the bottom.

washer lid switch 3949247-D Replacement part number AP3100003, 3949247, 3949240, 3949239, 3949237,ES247,3949247v


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