00676961 Dishwasher Electronic Control Board


New OEM Bosch p/n 00676961 Dishwasher Electronic Control Board 676961

00676961 replaces 00665410,676961,665410


This electronic control board (part number 00676961) is for dishwashers.

Additional information

00676961 Fits Models

SHE43M06UC/53, SHE43M06UC/52, SHE43M02UC/48, SHE43M02UC/47, SHE43M06UC/50, SHE43M02UC/46, SHE43M05UC/48, SHE43M06UC/46, SHE43M05UC/46, SHE43M05UC/47, SHE43M02UC/53, SHE43M02UC/52, SHE43M05UC/53, SHE43M06UC/48, SHE43M02UC/50, SHE43M06UC/47, SHE43M05UC/52, SHE43M05UC/50


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