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Spring Time Appliance Needs

Every Home needs some maintenance from time to time.This will generally cause your home to operate efficeintly. To help remember to do this we can associate home maintenance with the season of the year.Lets start with spring.

Spring Time Appliance Needs Start in the Kitchen

Your refrigerator and air conditioning have need of attention before the temperature rises. Both appliances move heat from one location to another. It is vital that the appliance can release the heat in order to run at the lowest cost to you.You should vacuum or brush the dust off the condenser(the coils on the outside of the refrigerator) and make sure the fan motor near these coils is running while the refrigerator is running. The cardboard back is very important to your refrigerator,make sure it is attached and covers the compressor area.Your Air Conditioning unit works the same as the refrigerator,it moves the heat from inside the house to the outside.In order for it to operator at the lowest cost you should keep it clean .The Air Handler (the part that circulates the inside air) should have a air filter, that filter should be checked monthly during high usage months,if it is covered with dust the unit will run longer and cost more to use. Clean or replace your air filter regularly.

Spring Time Appliance Needs the Air Conditioning

The Condensing unit( the section outside that releases the heat )should be checked monthly in high usage months.The cooling fins on the coils should be kept straight and dust-free to release the heat that the coolant is carrying.The fins should be rinsed out with water using a garden hose the first days of usage every spring.Better late than never if you are just now thinking off it.There should be a electrical power disconnect on the wall closest to the condensing unit.Shut the power off before cleaning the fins with a hose.If you live generally dusty or in a high construction area or road construction area this may need to done more often

Fall Appliance Maintenance Needs :

Its a good idea to change your clothes washers water inlet hoses every 5 years.I have driven up driveways where water was still running down the driveway from a washer water hose that burst, one house had a sunken livingroom that was full of water from a broken washer hose. Often before a hose burst it will have a visible
bulge in it, I exhort everyone to inspect your water hoses for
this telltale sign.I’ll put our hoses on sale to make this job easier.

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