15621 6-12 Watt ECM 115V Unit Bearing Motor


Unitronix ECM Unit Bearing Motor, 0.2-0.3 Amps, 1550 RPM, 115 Volt, CW Lead End, Includes Lyall Plug, 60 Hz

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Brand: Electric Motor and Specialties, UPC Code:840899113524 Replaces 00621; 00621BULK; 00622; 00650; 09A10107; 305606; 39303V; 4A4620-01; 9207F2; UTB1CB1551; UTB1CB1551E6; UTB1CB1551EM56; UTB1CB1601E6; UTBCJ1551E6; UTBCJ1551EM56

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