20165703S Hot Surface Ignitor


Recommend Robertshaw 41-602


New p/n 20165703S Goodman Hot Surface Ignitor (Norton #601TB-1142)

Part Number 20165703S replaces L40-530, 20165703S, 20165703 and 201657-03


Additional information

20165703S Fits Models

GMS80453ANA, GMS80453AXA, GMS80703ANA, GMS80704BNA, GMS80704BXA, GNA, GHS80905CNA, GMV80703BXA, GMV80905CXA, GMV81155CXA, GCS90453BXA, GCS90703BXA, GCS90904CXA, GCS91155DXA, GMV90704CXA, GMV90904CXA, GMV91155DXA, GCV90704CXA, GCV90905DXA80453ANA, GHS80704, GMS90453BXA, GMS90703BXAM GMS90904CXA, GMS91155DXA, GCS90453BXA, GCS90703BXA, GCS90904CXA, GCS91155DXA, GMV91155DXA


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