43590 Packard Blower Motor 3/4 HP 230V


Packard Part Number 43590 Packard Blower Motor, 48 Frame Direct Drive Blower Motor 

4.6 Amps, Reversible, Sleeve Bearing, PSC, 10MFD/370V Cap Required, 60 Hz

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Packard Blower Motor 43590, UPC Code:840899112688 Replaces 03590; 10590; 333762; 4M184; 51-23555-02; 51-23650-01; 679; 8905; DD-3590; DD3590; SE3590; TT-E75-3SP2; WG840590,0131, 0131M00000PS, 0131M00000PSP,

ref model: ADPF18241BA ADPF18241BA ADPF30421BA ADPF30421BA ADPF48601 ADPF48601BA ADPF486016 ADPF486016AA ADPF486016AB ADPF486016BA ADPF48601AA ADPF48601AA ADPF48601BA ADPF48601BA ARPF48601 ARPF48601BA ARPF486016 ARPF486016AA ARPF486016AB ARPF486016BA ARPF486016CA ARPF496116 ARPF496116AA ARPF496116CA ARPT061-00C-1B ARPT061-00C-1B ARUF061-00A-1B ARUF061-00A-1B ARUF48601 ARUF48601BA ARUF486016 ARUF486016AA ARUF486016AB ARUF486016BA ARUF486016CA ARUF496116 ARUF496116AA ARUF496116CA ATUF486016 ATUF486016AA WAHMS4860P4A WAHMS4860P4ABA WAHMS4860P4ACA WAHMS4961P4A WAHMS4961P4AAA WAHMS4961P4ACA

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