IG9500 Universal furnace igniter


Packard Part Number IG9500 24 volt Hot Surface Gas Furnace Igniter


IG9500 Direct replacement for: Trane IGN0059, Trane IGN059, Armstrong AFN643, Armstrong MM643, ICP 1009524, ICP 1149856, Supco SSN24, Honeywell Q3400A1016, Honeywell Q3400A1024, Honeywell Q3400A1040, Honeywell Q3450, Honeywell Q3480, Honeywell Q3620, Honeywell SV9600H, Honeywell SV9601, Honeywell SV9602, Honeywell SV9500M2674, Honeywell SV9500M2682, Honeywell SV9501, Honeywell SV9502, Honeywell SV9503, Honeywell SV9600, Honeywell SV9401, Honeywell SV9402, Honeywell SV9403, Honeywell SV9500, Honeywell SV9500M2528, Honeywell SV9500M2603,Surface Igniter MM643KJ, 90436603k, norton 271r, norton 201g, glo120 400 bs210ht ,hot surface ignitor near me, honeywell ignitor, honeywell q3400a1024, norton hot surface ignitor



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