HS6 Super Boost hard start capacitor


Get You Compressor Running Again Today with Packard HS6 Super Boost Relay & Motor/Compressor Start Capacitor increases starting torque up to 500%


New HS6 Super Boost hard start capacitor

Packard HS6 Super Boost hard start capacitor increases starting torque up to 500%.

For systems with capillary tubes or fixed restrictors, a Positive Temperature
Coefficient (PTC) hard start device is recommended. Choose from
3 models in the SPP Series to match the application. Table 4 outlines the
product specifications:
Table 4. SPP Series
Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Hard Starts
SPP5 90  277 – 10 hp 300%
SPP6 90  277  – 10 hp 500%
SPP7S 90 – 277  – 10 hp 600 %
Easy to Install.
Help with wiring a compressor hard start.
Connect the 2 wires from the hard start in parallel with the compressor run capacitor as pictured below, connecting 1 wire to the “C” or “Common” voltage in terminal on the run capacitor and the other wire to the “HERM” or Compressor Start Terminal


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