PRCFD455A Dual Capacitor 45 + 5 MFD 440 volts


New Packard Titan HD PRCFD455A Dual Run Capacitor


New Packard TITAN HD p/n PRCFD455A Round Dual Run Capacitor

Rating: 45 + 5 MFD 440 volts 370 volt Upgrade

PRCFD455A Replaces HC98KA046, 12288, 12788, G35-421

Diameter (In.) 2.00
Height (In.) 3.88

Packard has received the call to create a USA-made capacitor to provide contractors with confidence on the job. Our answer is Titan HD™. With a substantial 60,000 hours of operating life, it is just as hardworking as those who made them.

Made in USA
Full product offering – 234 ratings available!
60,000 hours operating life
Meets the rigorous EIA-456-A industry standard for performance and quality
Eye-catching packaging for retail environment
Contains metalized polypropylene film technology for self-restoration in the event of a breakdown
Sophisticated UL-approved pressure sensitive interrupter to remove the capacitor from circuit at end of life
Patented, environmentally-friendly oil prevents corrosion and aids in optimum heat transfer

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Weight 1 lbs