WPW10342792 Lower Spray Arm


Genuine Whirlpool Replacement Part Number WPW10342792 Lower Dishwasher Spray Arm with shield

You Will Receive The New Style With The Metal Shield of the 2 pictured


New OEM p/n WPW10342792 Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm

Part Number WPW10342792 replaces 2117642, 4445331, AH11753263, AH3503010, AP5324867, AP6019952, EA11753263, EA3503010, EAP11753263, EAP3503010, PS11753263, PS3503010, W10342769, W10342787, W10342792

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
WPW10342792 Fits Models:

66213032K112, 66213033K112, 66213039K112, 66512093K210, 66512413N410, 66512413N411, 66512413N412, 66512413N413, 66512723K310, 66512723K311, 66513032K110, 66513032K111, 66513032K112, 66513032K113, 66513032K114, 66513032K115, 66513032K116, 66513033K110, 66513033K111, 66513033K112, 66513033K113, 66513033K114, 66513033K115, 66513033K116, 66513039K110, 66513039K111, 66513039K112, 66513039K113, 66513039K114, 66513039K115, 66513039K116, 66515032K110, 66515032K112, 66515033K110, 66515033K112, 66515039K110, 66515039K112