DG47-00065A Samsung Heater Radiant-Triple

Samsung Part Number DG47-00065A Glass Cooktop 6 / 9 / 12in Heating Element, FTQ386LWUX

This is a non-returnable part.

Please Test the Continuity of your old element to be sure your element is bad.

Test between the common terminal and each of the 3 ribbons.

Take a picture of the wiring on element before removing.

The concept of a 3 ribbon element configuration is: L1 goes to the common ribbon of all 3 elements on the ribbon element thermal sensor.

L2 goes to the elements 3 terminals that are not the common.

The switch will send L2 to either 1, 2,or all three ribbon elements from the switch.

There are 2 wires to attach to the element thermal sensor to turn the HOT SURFACE light on when heated.

In some instanses are 1 (L1) wire and 4(L2) wires


Others may have 1(L2) wire and 4 (L1) wires


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