137392700 Dryer Heating Element

$126.42 $115.01

Genuine Frigidaire Replacement Part 137392700 Dryer Heating Element


New OEM p/n 137392700 Dryer Heating Element.

137392700 Replaces : 137565600, 2688950, AH5574028, AP5650518, EA5574028, EAP5574028, PS5574028

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
137392700 Fits Models:

CFLE1011MW0, CFLE1011MW0, CFLE1011MW0, CFLE1011MW1, CFLE1011MW1, CFLE1011MW1, CFLE1011MW2, CFLE1011MW2, CFLE1011MW2, CFLE2022MW0, CFLE2022MW0, CFLE2022MW0, CFLE2022MW1, CFLE2022MW1, CFLE2022MW1, CFLE2022MW2, CFLE2022MW2, CFLE2022MW2, CLCE500MW1, CLCE500MW1, CLCE500MW1, CLCE600RW0, CLCE600RW0, CLCE600RW0, FFLE1011MW0, FFLE1011MW0, FFLE1011MW0, FFLE1011MW1, FFLE1011MW1, FFLE1011MW1, FFLE1011MW2, FFLE1011MW2, FFLE1011MW2, FFLE2022MW0, FFLE2022MW0, FFLE2022MW0, FFLE2022MW1, FFLE2022MW1, FFLE2022MW1, FFLE2022MW2, FFLE2022MW2, FFLE2022MW2, FFLE3911QW0, FFLE3911QW0, FFLE3911QW0, FFLE39C1QW0, FFLE39C1QW0, FFLE39C1QW0, FFLE4033QT0, FFLE4033QT0, FFLE4033QT0, FFLE4033QW0, FFLE4033QW0, FFLE4033QW0, FFLE40C3QT0, FFLE40C3QT0, FFLE40C3QT0, FFLE40C3QW0, FFLE40C3QW0, FFLE40C3QW0


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