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Clothes Washer / Dryer Repair Help

Clothes Washer / Dryer Repair Service,Clothes washer repair Service near Jackson MS, near Madison,MS, near Byram,MS,near Brandon,MS.,near Flowood,MS.near Clinton,MS.

Do It Yourself Answers

Clothes Washer / Dryer Repair Help  

What Causes a Clothes Dryer to run more than one cycle for the clothes to dry?

If the Drum Seal Does Not Fill the gap between the drum and rear/front panel it may take 2 or 3 or 4 cycles for the clothes to get dry. Every gasket between the blower and the heating element intake is essential for the efficiency of the clothes dryer. Any vacuum loss by the door gasket, lint filter and housing gasket, the drum seals or any other gasket encapsulating the heat treated air on your dryer adds room air to the treated air used by the dryer; causing a loss of efficiency. These may also cause failure of the thermal fuse for the heating element or the dryer motor.

Any back pressure beyond the dryer blower in the dryer exhaust vent will also add to drying times.In most cases a 4 inch exhaust needs to be as straight and short as possible for ultimate dryer efficiency and shorter cycle time.

A clothes washer that does not extract the water from the clothes well, will also lengthen drying times.

Testing / Replacing Whirlpool manufactured Dryers with the rear mounted element.

The Heating Elements p/n 279838 and 4391960 are located behind the dryer drum. Unplug the dryer or disconnect the power. Remove the large rear panel. The heating element is on the right side, if you are behind the dryer looking at the back of the dryer, in a rectangular tube. with 2 large red wires connected to it at the bottom. Remove one of the wires, use a multi meter to test for continuity between the two element terminals or remove the element from the housing and visually inspect for breakage. If the bare high resistance wire inside the rectangular tube are not broken or touching the metal housing the element should produce heat if 250 volts a/c are applied to it during normal dryer operation.

How to remove GE part number WH43X24357 with images:

The 3 piece agitator has a hole under the bottom fin of the AUGER (p/n
WH43X24358 ), you may need a mirror to find it. The lower inner sleeve of the AUGER has a hole in it.

You must rotate the UPPER AUGER to align the lower inner AUGER sleeve hole,

put a narrow screwdriver into the holes the force it through the the inner sleeve. Then hold the WASHPLATE (p/n WH43X24357) and rotate the AUGER CLOCKWISE @ to force the AUGER off the WASHPLATE.

Seen upside down with screwdriver forced through AUGER SLEEVE after release from WASHPLATE

remove WH43X24357

After removal of the AUGER the 7/16 bolt in the middle of the WASHPLATE is accessible. Remove that bolt and lift the WASHPLATE up off the transmission shaft.

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